Wood Plank Tiles: The Hottest Floors in the Market

Wood Plank Tiles: The Hottest Floors in the Market

Wood plank tiles are here to stay. In fact, Chris Torres from Master Touch Installations Inc. claims that they are the hottest floors in the market.

Why Wood Plank Tiles are the Hottest Floors in the Market

TOA: Chris, tell us about yourself and your company.

My name is Chris Torres. I’ve lived in Southwest Florida for more than a decade now. I’m a Florida Firefighter, an US Army Soldier and the Owner of Master Touch Installations Inc.

Master Touch has been serving our community since 2005. We believe in quality and nothing else, and our work shows it time after time.

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TOA: Chris, what type of floors do you think are the hottest trend in the market?

That’s easy, without a doubt wood plank tiles are the hottest flooring in the market, and here’s why.

Everyone loves real wood, you can’t deny that. It gives you the warmth and comfort of home, not to mention a very elegant and classy look.

However, there’s a big problem; real wood floors are very difficult to maintain in Florida because of our high humidity levels. Plus, wood isn't recommended in wet areas such as bathrooms or kitchens.

For many years, opting for tile floors meant sacrificing the timeless and stylish look of real wood. Until now. Thanks to new advancements in the Tile Industry we can have our dream wood look flooring without having to move out of Florida.

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These wood look tiles combine the best of both worlds; the durability of tile flooring and the beauty and style of real wood.


Wood plank tiles offer the look of wood with the benefits of tile


TOA: How are wood plank tiles better than real wood?

Wood plank tiles can look so much like real wood to the naked eye that you will have to actually touch them to notice the difference.

Real wood is beautiful and can stay that way for a long time, but when you have little kids or pets, it can get damaged very quickly often leaving permanent marks. Wood plank tiles, on the other hand, are definitely not as prone to dents, cracking, warping or chipping as real wood.

Tile planks are also more versatile than real wood because they can actually be installed in any area or room of your home even as shower wall tiles! You no longer have to worry about excessive moisture or sunlight coming in contact with your floors.

Finally, wood plank tiles are eco-friendly. That mean we can enjoy the beauty and classy look of real wood without having to harm a single tree.


Wood plank tiles are perfect for Florida weather.


TOA: Is there anything different about installing wood plank tiles compared to traditional tile sizes?

Wood plank tiles are longer and narrower than traditional tile sizes. As they've gotten more popular, the Tile Industry keep bringing bigger and longer planks out to the market.

Bigger and longer tile sizes mean that you have to fully understand proper tile installation techniques, tools and products to prevent installation failures.

Let’s face it, wood plank tiles are here to stay and they are not getting any smaller. That's why at Master Touch Installations, we keep evolving so we know how to use the latest techniques and tools to provide our customers with the best installations. That's how we can ensure their floor tiles look like real wood which is exactly what they want when they purchase these floors.

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Wood plank tiles can easily be installed outdoors in Florida.


TOA: Chris, what do you recommend when it comes to installing wood plank tiles?

First, find the right flooring contractor.

Wood plank tiles require a different installation process than other tiles, so hire a company that has the experience and make sure you see their work before hiring. Tile Outlets of America offers a list with different contractors for your convenience.

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Make sure your Installers are “backbuttering” the tile.

This method involves spreading thinset onto the back of each tile. Backbuttering is very important and the only way to ensure your tiles are getting 90 to 100 percent thinset coverage. No one wants to have hollow tiles so make sure this gets done during the installation.

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Make sure your tiles get installed with the smallest grout joints possible.

At Master Touch Installations Inc. we install our wood plank tiles with 1/16” and 1/32” grout joints. Real wood does not have joints so to obtain the wood look on your planks always go for the smallest joints.

Master Touch Installations has experience installing wood plank tiles.


Always try to match the color of the tiles with the color of the grout.

Tile Outlets of America offers a great variety of colors to make this happen. Be sure to see a Tile Outlets sales associate.

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Using a Leveling System for your installations is a MUST!

Tile Outlets of America offers several different brands of Leveling Systems. At Master Touch Installations, we do not install wood plank tiles unless we use a Leveling System because we want to bring you the best quality installation.

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Innovation in this industry is the key, and as technology evolves good flooring companies should too. We’ve trained our guys in the latest techniques and methods to be able to bring you nothing but the best, not to mention we install the flattest floors too!


Use a leveling system to install wood plank tile and avoid lippage issues.


Last and not least, make sure you obtain your wood plank tiles from a respected Tile Store.

We love to work with Tile Outlets of America, it makes our work much easier when we know we have some good quality products, not to mention their staffing is very professional and they will walk you through all the steps necessary to obtain your dream floors.

What are you waiting for!? Come visit Tile Outlets of America and let’s get that beautiful wood look on your floors that you have always wanted!


Master Touch Installations Inc.

TOA: Chris, thanks for sharing this knowledge with us. Where can readers find you?

At Tile Outlets of America literally! I think I’m there every other day. Chances are you will see me either showing new customers the store’s latest flooring or stopping by to purchase setting materials.

Or, you can always contact us at (239) 443-8592 or visit us on:

What's your reaction to wood plank tiles? Which are your favorite styles and sizes?

Let us know in the comments.


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