Learn About Pebble Mosaics on Suncoast View

Learn About Pebble Mosaics on Suncoast View

Can you image tile made of pebbles? In her latest visit to ABC's Suncoast View, Tile Outlets' Kate Spencer focused on that very topic, pebble mosaics, which truly bring the beauty of nature indoors.

Kate joined the Suncoast View co-hosts on Thursday, November 9th, with many samples showcasing the versatility and range of tiles made from pebbles and stone.

Sarasota's Suncoast View

Suncoast View is the locally produced hour-long Talk Show airing at 4 p.m. EST on ABC 7 WWSB in the Sarasota, Florida area. The program’s format is inspired by the ABC Network’s popular, long-running talk show, “The View”.

Kate has been a regular there and enjoys talking tile with co-hosts Stephanie Roberts, the popular Co-Anchor of ABC 7’s Good Morning Suncoast, ABC 7’s beloved veteran Reporter Linda Carson and ABC 7 Reporter Bobeth Yates.

In the photo below, you see Kate in blue in the middle. To her left are Linda Carson and a guest, and to her right are Bobeth Yates and Stephanie Roberts. Samples of pebble mosaics surround them all!

What Makes Pebbles So Exciting for Florida Home Owners?

Pebble mosaics bring the outdoors in since they are made from actual river rocks which makes them very durable. These mosaics can be used on floors in addition to the more traditional surface for mosaics - walls.

Pebbles are very easy to maintain - just clean them as you would a porcelain tile surface.

What makes them particularly exciting is how fun they are to design with!

You'll find a variety of pebbles to choose from - different color pebbles, different shapes, round designs and flat ones. You'll even find pebbles with inkjet designs (to be used only on walls). The end result is unique to you and unlike any other tile installation.

In this article, we'll focus on:

  • Pebble Mosaics in Round Designs
  • Flat/Sliced Pebble Designs
  • Decorative Designs
  • Tumbled Pebble Designs

Pebble Mosaics in Round Designs

Round pebbles - how can anyone walk on those? Despite that, round pebbles are very popular for shower floors.

As Kate explained - and showed - once you add grout to round pebble mosaics, the pebbles are really soft on the feet. Although Kate's samples featured a light colored grout, you can choose any number of grout colors to complement or contrast with the pebble design.

You also have a wide range of pebble mosaic colors to choose from. Here are some of the most popular.

In the image below, the shower floor is done in a multi-color round pebble.  The rocks on the wall create another stone design. We like the contrast in size between the rocks and the pebbles.

Round Pebble Stone Mosaic Multi Color 12x12 Round Pebble Stone Mosaic Multi Color 12x12


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This next image shows you an up-close look at round pebbles used as a listello to line a shower wall.  What a nice pop to a shower design!


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Pebbles are versatile. You can use them on walls, floors and even outdoors.

Here's a fun use for pebbles... Isn't this outdoor shower design creative?

The rounded black pebbles in a white grout defines a distinct space for the shower; they make a statement. The surfboard creates the shower. So Florida like!


Flat/Sliced Pebble Mosaic Designs

Another look for pebble mosaics is flat or sliced, rather than round. Flat or sliced pebbles are just that.  The pebbles have been cut to create a flat surface in a pebble look.

These flat designs come in pebbles and stone material. The stone material could be marble, travertine or limestone.

Flat pebbles are very popular in showers, walkways and on the walls.

The image below shows you how flat pebble mosaics look on a floor.


In the image below, you see a mixture of flat pebble colors. We love the look of the Mix Color Pebbles with its great colors. Wouldn't this look nice on a patio or porch?


In addition to floors, flat pebbles look terrific on walls.

The image below shows you how you can take flat multi-color pebbles and use them in a shower with travertine to create accent walls that complement the floor.


Decorative Pebble Designs

You can also find decorative pebble mosaics. These are flat or sliced pebbles with a pattern etched on the surface.

The example below - Light Color Fossil Pebbles - is a terrific example. Look at how this really cool etching creates a fossil effect on the tiles, creating an authentic Florida feel.

These can be installed on floors and walls.



Here you see how these 'fossilized' pebbles look installed on a wall. The Fossil pebbles are available in this light color and multi mix color as well.

Light Color Fossil Pebbles 12x12 wall installation Light Color Fossil Pebbles 12x12 wall installation


You'll also discover some inkjet pebbles with special features on them that can only be used on the walls.

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Tumbled Pebble Designs

In addition to pebble mosaics made from river rocks, you'll also find designs created from real tumbled stone.  The pieces are travertine, marble, onyx and limestone which are then tumbled to give you that smooth texture and tossed edges.

Each of these classic old-world designs will be unique and different because of the variation in the characteristics of the stone itself.

This next image shows you an up-close view of a tumbled travertine mosaic. Notice how the pieces are assembled on a mesh.


This next image features a brilliant white tumbled marble mosaic.


This last close-up shows you how a black tumbled limestone pebble mosaic looks.


What's Your Reaction to these Pebble Tiles?

Are you as excited about pebble mosaics as we are? I hope you'll come explore what's possible for your own home.

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You can watch the entire 5 minute Suncoast View segment by clicking on The Best in Unique, Decorative Pebble Designs from Tile Outlets!


Thanks for watching and learning about pebbles with us. Let us know of any questions.


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