Learn About the Range of Wood Plank Tile Sizes at Tile Outlets of America

Learn About the Range of Wood Plank Tile Sizes at Tile Outlets of America

Posted by Kate Spencer on Aug 1st 2019

Were you aware of the range of wood plank tile sizes available?

To help demystify the options, Kate joined the Suncoast View team to share samples and installation images.

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Kate has been a regular there and enjoys talking tile with co-hosts Stephanie Roberts, the popular Co-Anchor of ABC 7’s Good Morning Suncoast, ABC 7’s beloved veteran Reporter Linda Carson, and Joey Panek, Senior Producer.

Kate Describes the Range of Wood Plank Tile Sizes

Although Kate recommends that you go with the wood plank tile look, color, and design you prefer, it's helpful to understand the range of sizes you have to consider.

And, you should not assume that a small plank size is only right for a small room, and a large plank only for a large room. It really depends on the look you're trying to achieve for that space.

For this topic, Kate uses the size categories that Tile Outlets of America uses for plank tiles:

  • 20” lengths
  • 30” lengths
  • 40” lengths

Keep in mind that within each length category, you'll find a range of widths to pick from.We'll explore each separately.

20” Wood Plank Tile Lengths

In this category, you'll find many wood plank tiles that are 24” long in both ceramic and porcelain. Widths range from six to eight inches.

The planks in the image below are porcelain 6x24 formats. Notice the wood pattern variation and the slight offset in tile installation pattern.

In contrast, the planks featured below - Canaima Wengue 8x24 ceramic tile format - is more uniform. Notice the staircase installation pattern.

Here's a light-colored barn wood pattern with high variation in pattern. It's called Castle Cenere 8x24.

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And here's how that style looks in another color. This is a home featured on A&E Flip Wars: Buying Blind.

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For planks with so much pattern variation, we strongly recommend laying out the entire box to make sure it creates a look you like. If you do go with this look, it's a good idea to mix tiles from different boxes.

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30” Wood Plank Tile Lengths

30” plank lengths range from 32 to 36 inches; widths range from six to ten inches. You'll find offerings in both ceramic and porcelain.

Below you see Fusta Chocolate ceramic plank tile in a 10x34 format.

If you're looking for a different installation pattern, you'll love this next image of Bayard Gris a 6x35 porcelain plank that is installed in a herringbone floor pattern.

Below is an example of Malborck Blanco 6x35 porcelain plank installed in a straight lay.

Be sure to offset your planks based on the tile manufacturer's recommended offset (that's the overlap from plank to plank). This will avoid any lippage with the product.

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Below you see Tree Bianco 8x32, a porcelain plank installed vertically in this room.

Don't forget that you can also tile your walls with wood planks.

Below you see Atelier Cenixa 9x33 porcelain plank. Not only is it used on the walls, but also on the floors in a soldier-style or straight installation.

Notice the two different colors, installed perpendicularly from one another.

40” Wood Plank Tile lengths

The 40” plank category ranges in width from 6.5 inches to 12 inches with lengths as long as 48 inches.

As large as these sizes seem, create a beautiful installation with fewer visible grout lines.

These planks come rectified and pressed which means you can install them with different grout joints.

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Below you see Calico Sunset 8x48 tile.

Below is Cottage Ulivo 8x47 porcelain tile. The plank style variation is such that it's hard to see the size of the plank.

Here is Vignoni 8x48 installed in a herringbone pattern. This is a rectified product that allows for a smaller grout joint.

This is one of Kate's favorites! Take the same 8x48 tile (Vignoni Wood) and install it in a box format using 6 pieces in a row and offset the look. What an interesting installation for a room.

The porcelain planks - Provincial Pinot Noir - below measure 12x48 porcelain planks. We are used to seeing this format in a 12x24, but now you have a long plank of 48” with a seamless joint in the look that extends another four feet.

Or, take the same 12x48 format - Provincial Prosecco - and install it on the diagonal instead which completes changes the focus of the room.

What Makes Wood Plank Tile Lengths So Exciting?

Oh, let's count the ways starting with variety.

Wood Plank Variety

You've already gotten a taste for the variety in wood plank tile lengths. From the images, you have a taste for the amazing range of styles and finishes - some with strong variation, others more uniform.

We haven't touched on textures. When you feel most wood plank tile, you'll be astonished at how real they feel. They'll have graining, texture, and even anti-slip finish if you plan to install some of these styles outdoor.

Design Versatility

Thanks to the variety of sizes, styles, and finishes, you wind up with rich design versatility.

With wood plank porcelain tile, you can have the wood look outdoors as well as indoors. That's because porcelain doesn’t absorb water so it isn’t affected by freeze/thaw temperature changes.

You can easily use wood planks on walls as well as floors.

Pick a look that goes with any style – beach look, modern, rustic, traditional…

Installation Patterns

The installation pattern possibilities are exciting, too. Simply select the installation pattern that’s right for you…

For example, a herringbone pattern.

Or a look with a minor offset.

An offset is the difference in overlap between planks. It’s important to check with the tile manufacturer for the right offset based on the pattern you’ve selected and how long the plank is.

As we mentioned, you’ll find exciting plank styles with extreme variation from plank to plank. This can look modern or even rustic.

When you are laying out a tile like this, it’s a good idea to create a mockup or do a dry layout of the tiles so you get a good feel for how the variation looks and can even rearrange some of the tiles before actually installing them.

A pattern that has less variation from plank to plank can create a more traditional look and feel. This is the Fusta Chocolate we showed you earlier in the article.

Where to Use Specific Wood Plank Sizes

Depending on the size of the room you are tiling, you may want to focus on specific size planks. For example, in a large space, a longer 40” plank such as Kingswood Magma works well.

In a smaller space, such as a small bathroom, a 24” plank can work perfectly.

That said, depending on the look you want to create, you may decide that the long plank is better for that small space.

As an example, this Tampa Bay Home of Distinction extended a long wood plank tile all the way into the shower. Notice the linear drain and how well that works with the plank format.

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Do You Like What You Learned About Wood Plank Tile Lengths?

Watch Kate as she describes these products on Suncoast View:

And, let us know what you find most helpful.

When you're ready, we'd love to show you the wide selection of wood plank tile available at Tile Outlets of America. Come visit any one of our three Florida stores.


Note: We originally published this article on June 7, 2018, and have updated it.