Stone Subway Tile Wall Series Expands Subway Tile Selection

Stone Subway Tile Wall Series Expands Subway Tile Selection

Posted by Kate Spencer on Feb 18th 2016

Subway tile is such a strong design trend for walls in particular that we have expanded our selection to include the Stone Subway Wall Tile series.

This ceramic tile series consists of the following products:

..3x6 wall tiles in three colors

..A mix of 6 geometic patterns for all three colors

..1x12 pencil in three colors

..1x12 bullnose

Meet The Stone Subway Wall Tile Series

The Stone Subway Tile series is designed to look like natural stone. The tiles are fired and then glazed and fired again, giving a classic, old-fashioned appearance (because tiles used to be made with this double-fired process) while also looking totally on trend because of the subway tile shape.

This is a ceramic tile series and should only be used on walls, not floors.

We are featuring this series in three colors of 3x6 – Cameo, Pebble and Taupe. All three colors are warm and work well together as well as individually.

The stone subway tile series is available in Cameo, Pebble and Taupe.

The anchor image I used for this article features the Stone Pebble subway tile.

This subway tile series also includes a mix of six geometric patterns in three 3x6 colors. These consist of mini tone-on-tone patterns (e.g., several diamond variations and a highly-stylized leaf-print pattern) that add subtle whimsy and visual interest to a design pattern created with the stone subway tile series. The geometric mix is sold by the box with the different patterns mixed in.

Five of the six different geometric patterns available for the Stone Subway Tile series.

To complete the look, we've included a 1 x12 pencil:

You'll also find a 3x6 bullnose available in all colors.

Here are links to the Stone Subway Tile Wall series products:

What You Can Do With the Stone Subway Tile Wall Series?

This is where it gets really fun!

You can definitely use Stone Cameo, Stone Pebble or Stone Taupe to create a solid color subway tile look.

However, you can also mix the geometric tiles with the solid colors and create really interesting wall designs.

In the image below, we have mixed Stone Taupe with geometric patterns and installed them in a herringbone design. The effect is fresh and exciting! The look also reminds me of the Patchwork Tile trend we noticed at Coverings 2014 (see Flooring and Tile Trends from Coverings 2014: Patchwork Tile).


Stone Taupe 3x6 subway tile with geometric patterns installed in a herringbone design.

I mentioned that there is a 1x12 pencil included in this stone series collection. Here are ideas on how to create unusual effects when you combine the subway tile with the pencil.

In the image below, we have combined the pencil with the Stone Pebble 3x6 wall tile and geometric patterns. Notice how much more subtle the use of the geometric tiles is compared to the image above.

We included the 1x12 pencil to divide the wall into two separate but related sections; it adds visual and textural interest. You might use this effect to separate out two different colors from the Stone series, using one color on top and the other color below the pencil.


1x12 pencil combined with the Stone Pebble 3x6 wall tile and geometric patterns

In the image below, the pencil becomes a really important visual and textural element. In addition to the one lone pencil placement, there's a really interesting combination of six pencils stacked to create a grooved tile look.

Notice, too, how two colors - Stone Taupe and Stone Cameo - are combined in this design.


Stone Taupe and Stone Cameo combined with stacked pencil tile for a grooved look.

In this last image, we've used two pencils to create a border around one row of subway tile. This features Stone Cameo 3x6 mixed in with geometric patterns for a classic, quiet effect.


Stone Cameo 3x6 mixed in with geometric patterns and two pencil borders for a classic, quiet effect.

I'm very excited about the Stone Subway Tile series! The possibilities for walls truly are endless! You can create distinct wall designs for each room of your home with this series while expressing a strong unified or related feel.

What's your reaction? I'd love to hear.

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