Talking Decorative Patterned Tile on Suncoast View

Posted by Kate Spencer on Oct 26th 2017

What makes decorative patterned tile stand out? Definitely the pattern, but also the size as Tile Outlets' Kate Spencer showed on Suncoast View.

Kate joined the Suncoast View co-hosts on Wednesday, October 11th to discuss how all tile is definitely not created equal especially when it comes to patterns and size for walls and floors.

Sarasota's Suncoast View

Suncoast View is the locally produced hour-long Talk Show airing at 4 p.m. EST on ABC 7 WWSB in the Sarasota, Florida area. The program’s format is inspired by the ABC Network’s popular, long-running talk show, “The View”.

Kate has been a regular there and enjoys talking tile with co-hosts Stephanie Roberts, the popular Co-Anchor of ABC 7’s Good Morning Suncoast, ABC 7’s beloved veteran Reporter Linda Carson and ABC 7 Reporter Bobeth Yates.

In the photo above, you see Kate in blue. To her left is Linda Carson, and to her right are Bobeth Yates and Stephanie Roberts. Samples of decorative patterned tile surround them all!

What Makes Decorative Patterned Tile So Exciting for Florida Home Owners?

Let's start with size. These are all smaller scale 8x8 tiles. You can easily pick one up in your hand and, even more fun, is that you can arrange them into interesting layouts.

Next is the type of tile: porcelain and glass. The 8x8 tiles are made of porcelain and can be used indoors, outdoors and in wet areas; in residential and commercial applications. They are very versatile and will bring a pop to any room space.

Finally, there's the type of pattern: decorative patterns, color patterns and patchwork patterns.

Let's explore each in turn.

8x8 Porcelain Decorative Patterns

The patterns are simple: a form against a solid background as you see in the Decor Lis Ciel N sample below.

However, just looking at one tile piece doesn't tell the whole story. You need to combine several of these tiles to get a true sense of what's possible.

For example, that one tile above, becomes the circular motif you see in the floor image below.


Combine several pieces of Decor Lis Ciel N and achieve the circular pattern of this floor design.

Furthermore, depending on how you arrange the single tiles and depending on the direction you select, you achieve different pattern layouts.

Take Décor Classic Noir A. You can install it so as to create three distinct looks:

1. A scroll layout as you see below.

Notice that this pattern has been combined with a solid tile border which creates the look of a rug. It can also help define distinct spaces.

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Décor Classic Noir A installed in a scroll pattern with a double solid tile border

2. Décor Classic Noir A looks more contemporary when assembled as it is for this dramatic looking counter.


Décor Classic Noir A looks more contemporary when assembled as it is for this dramatic looking counter.

3. In the image below, you see the same decorative Décor Classic Noir A tile combined with a solid black tile in a checkerboard pattern.


Décor Classic Noir A tile combined with a solid black tile in a checkerboard pattern.

8x8 Decorative Color Porcelain Tile Patterns

In addition to the higher contrast, bolder patterned tiles you saw above, we also have available at Tile Outlets of America several pattern designs in subtler, more neutral colors that will work with a broader range of design styles.

Again, each 8x8 porcelain tile features a simple pattern against a solid background, where the pattern simply repeats itself.

Below you see Decor Fleur Champagne N 8x8 in a warm pinkish-beige palette. It works well in both traditional and contemporary settings.


Decor Fleur Champagne N 8x8 in a warm pinkish-beige palette.

The look works beautiflly in a bathroom with white fixtures. Below you see Decor Fleur Champagne N 8x8 on the floor, combined with white wall tile and blue wall tile in the shower. The floor pattern adds a much needed pop of color whithout overwhelming the senses in any way.


Here you see Decor Fleur Champagne N 8x8 on the floor

The pattern below comes from Décor Classic Graphite B which combines a criss-cross pattern with a floral motif.


Décor Classic Graphite B combines a criss-cross pattern with a floral motif

These 8x8 decorative patterned tiles are porcelain based and can be used on floors and walls, indoors and outdoors.

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8x8 Patchwork Porcelain Tiles

Perhaps the most raucous look of all in the 8x8 format is the patchwork look!

Patchwork tiles are tiles that have multiple designs in one box of tiles. You can use them together or individually to create the look as you see in the image below of Patchwork Gris/Plomb 8x8. Dramatic, no?


Patchwork Gris/Plomb 8x8 creates a stunning floor!

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Glass Patchwork Tile

In addition to 8x8 patchwork tile, you can find gorgeous glass patchwork tile.

Since these are glass, they can only be used on walls - say in a backsplash or focal walls in a bathroom, for example.

These items can also be cut into designs to be used separately.

These two examples capture the old world charm that comes from the classic patterns. The glass, though, changes the look and feel of the design.

Here you see Faenza Blue/White Patchwork 1x1 Mosaic.

Faenza Blue/White Patchwork 1x1 Mosaic

And this is Patchwork Belem 2x2 Glass Mosaic...

Patchwork Belem 2x2 Glass Mosaic

which looks perfect for a kitchen backsplash as you see below!

Patchwork Belem 2x2 Glass Mosaic in a kitchen backsplash

You'll find other glass patchwork mosaics described in this article: New Tile Arrivals in Porcelain, Ceramic, Mosaic and More.

What's Your Reaction to Decorative Patterned and Patchwork Tile?

Are you as excited about these decorative patterns as we are? I hope you'll come explore what's possible for your own home.

You can watch the entire 5 minute segment below:

Thanks for watching/learning. Let us know of any questions.