Focus on Customer Service at Tile Outlets of America: Meet Bianca and Anna in Fort Myers, Florida

Focus on Customer Service at Tile Outlets of America: Meet Bianca and Anna in Fort Myers, Florida

Customer service at Tile Outlets of America is a source of ongoing focus and commitment.

Take the Fort Myers store. In the summer of 2015, we underwent a major reset of the checkout area to address customer concerns. The result was more check out terminals as well as dedicated trade professional and customer service desks.

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We caught up with two staff members most closely affected by the redesign, Bianca Mangan-Murphy and Anna Robinson. They both live and breathe customer service at the Fort Myers store.

Meet Tile Outlets' Trade Pro and Customer Service Representatives Bianca and Anna

TOA: Bianca and Anna, tell us about yourselves - what is your background?

Bianca: I was born and raised on Captiva Island, Florida. I lived there for over 18 years and am thankful for every moment of it.

Anna: Most of my background includes retail and sales. I was an account manager for a culinary uniform company for 5 years, customer service rep at a therapeutic company for 4 years, and receiving specialist for a tool manufacturing company for 1 year.

TOA: How did you come to Tile Outlets of America?

Bianca: After Hurricane Charley destroyed the salon I was working at on Captiva, I took some time off. Then, a friend of my Dad's, Ray Bini, (who has been a staple here at Tile Outlets since 2004 - see How to Create Tile Designs with Stone & Marble) told him I should apply for the cashier position, and here I am.

Anna: I moved to Fort Myers from Chicago about one and a half years ago. I came into Tile Outlets to purchase tile for a home repair job. I had never worked in the tile industry, but upon shopping at Tile Outlets, I noticed how busy the front end was. Given my past experiences, I thought this was a perfect opportunity for me.

TOA: What are your roles at Tile Outlets of America?

Bianca: I am Head Cashier & Trade Pro Specialist.

Anna: I am the Customer Service Representative at Tile Outlets in Fort Myers. My role is to answer incoming calls, process returns, research orders, release backorders and notify customers that their orders have arrived, assist managers with front-end operations, as well as assist customers with any questions or concerns that they may have.


Bianca, Head Cashier & Trade Pro Specialist for Tile Outlets of America Bianca, Head Cashier & Trade Pro Specialist for Tile Outlets of America


TOA: What is your opinion of the reset? Why?

Bianca: I was so excited when we started the reset and am very happy with the outcome. I love seeing the store evolve through the years.

Anna: I think that the reset was a great concept. It helped improve the front-end operations and  overall aesthetics. With the reset we also started offering more Product Knowledge classes to contractors, which we have received a lot of positive feedback about.

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TOA: What are the biggest benefits to the changes/reset?

Bianca:  The overall flow of customers & contractors has a more clear direction. The visual impact when you enter the store is amazing.

Anna: I believe the biggest benefits in the reset are that contractors have a point of contact during normal business hours. This helps to speed up orders and recall past information.

Since the lines up front are designated now it is much easier for customers to know if they are in the right line. I believe having a customer service and trade pro desk gives customers a sense that they are getting the right information from the right source.

TOA: What have been the reactions from contractors and customers?

Bianca: Contractors and customers alike are very pleased with us having a separate area for our Trade Pro & Customer Service desks. With the addition of our four cashier stations it allows us to better serve everyone.

Anna: Contractors and customers have been pleased with the changes to the front-end, especially repeat customers. Most customers have been pleased as the changes have helped to speed up returns, as well as customer questions/concerns. Contractors are pleased because they have a point of contact. The trade-pro desk has eliminated some of the delays contractors were experiencing in the past.


Anna, Customer Service Representative for Tile Outlets of America Anna, Customer Service Representative for Tile Outlets of America


TOA: Which are your favorite tile installations and why?

Bianca: I love the natural beauty of Travertine, and always will, but I am continually surprised by the never ending options of the wood look plank tiles. There are so many sizes and styles to really make a statement. I also really enjoy the ledger panels, for instance, the Arctic White and the Golden White are two of my favorites. You can easily create a unique look indoors or out with them.

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Anna: Personally, some of my favorite selections are in the wood look plank tiles especially the Bio Wood. The Bio Wood line reminds me of the wood floors back home in Chicago.... minus the late night tiptoeing on creaky floors.

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TOA: What do you like to do outside of Tile Outlets of America?

Bianca: Fishing is one of my favorite activities as well as spending some time in the garden. I recently had twin girls, so everything is all about quality family time now. We can't wait for the girls to be old enough to take along on our fishing trips, I miss it!

Anna:  Since I have three boys, my personal life mostly revolves around them. I have coached their baseball teams, have awards for volunteering at their schools, and get involved in any way I can with their day-to-day lives. Outside of raising three boys, I love baseball and am a huge Chicago Cubs fan. Since I am still fairly new to Florida I look forward to exploring the state and wildlife.

TOA: Thank you, Bianca and Anna!

Have You Experienced Customer Service at Tile Outlets of America?

What's your opinion of the dedicated Trade Pro and Customer Service desks at Tile Outlets?

If you've not yet had a chance to experience customer service at Tile Outlets, be sure to visit the store in Fort Myers and ask for Bianca and Anna. They will be delighted to help you out!