Introducing Jonathan Guckert, Assistant Store Manager in Sarasota

Introducing Jonathan Guckert, Assistant Store Manager in Sarasota

Posted by TOA's Blog Team on Jun 2nd 2022

We're excited to introduce you to Jonathan Guckert, Assistant Store Manager at the Tile Outlets of America store in Sarasota, Florida, where he joins Store Manager Chris Martin and Assistant Store Manager Joshua Chaviano to deliver the best possible shopping experience.

Meet Jonathan Guckert, Assistant Store Manager in Sarasota

TOA: Jonathan, tell us about yourself and your background? 

JG: I was born in West Virginia. 

My family moved around a lot when I was child. We moved to Sarasota then back to West Virginia and finally back to Sarasota. 

During one the moves back to West Virginia, I met my wife, Bessie. We have two children together, Allison, 7 years old and Leonidos, 1 year old. We actually bought a house in North Port area.

Over the years, I’ve worked a variety of jobs, including installing carpet, working in a Farm Supply Store and a flood equipment manager.

I've been in the Sarasota area on and off now for 14 years.

TOA: How did you get started with Tile Outlets of America? 

JG: After a car accident, I was unable to work for a period of time. 

I was looking for a job online and found the ad for Tile Outlets of America. I went in for an interview and was hired as a order puller in March, 2016.

TOA: What are your priorities for the role of assistant store manager?

JG: First off, I want to make the customer experience as amazing as I can. 

Then, my priority is to focus on the everyday operations of our store. I take pride in the appearance of our store which adds to that amazing customer experience.

TOA: What are you most excited about in this new role?

JG: I love learning new things and developing new skills.

TOA: What makes Tile Outlets of America different from other stores? 

JG: Unlike most stores I go to, we have associates who are ready and willing to answer questions and help. I love the fact that we help people build their dream home.

>> Download the Dream Sheet project planner

TOA: What are some of your favorite products at the store and why? 

JG: Here are a few of my favorites:

>> Glamour linear mosaics (also check out Glass, Stone and Metal Decorative Mosaics)

>> Oikos Blue Polished porcelain

>> Basic White and Black Hex

>> Padagonia Blue Polished Porcelain 24x48

I love the look and would love to have these products installed throughout my house.

TOA: Jonathan, which are your favorite vignettes from the Inspiration Area? 

JG? I like the shower vignettes. They go a long way to help visualize how a variety of tiles can be arranged to create a shower in your house.

>> For ideas, see Universal Design and Designing With Tile

TOA: What advice do you have for first time customers? 

JG: Come in, take your time and look around. Feel free to stop an associate if you have any questions.

TOA: What do you like to do outside TOA? 

JG: I like family gatherings. My mother and stepfather and brother live in the Sarasota area. 

I also like computer building, gaming and gardening.

TOA: Thank you, Jonathan!

Visit Tile Outlets of America and Meet Jonathan Guckert in Person!

When you next visit Tile Outlets in Sarasota, be sure to say hello to Jonathan.

While you're there, you can experience first hand how we help your dreams become reality. You will find a beautiful selection of in-stock and first quality porcelain and ceramic tile, stone, mosaics and more available for a whole lot less to select from!

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