Meet Ray Hampton, Fort Myers Assistant Store Manager

Meet Ray Hampton, Fort Myers Assistant Store Manager

Posted by TOA's Blog Team on Aug 19th 2021

Have you met Ray Hampton? Most recently the Receiving Manager at Tile Outlets in Fort Myers, Ray is now an Assistant Store Manager where he joins Anna Robinson, and Mark Scott on the store management team.

We caught up with Ray to ask him a few questions and learn more about the passion he brings to his new role.

Introducing Ray Hampton, Assistant Manager in the Fort Myers Tile Outlets Store

TOA: Ray, tell us about yourself and your background. Are you from the Fort Myers area?

RH: I was born and raised in the Fort Myers area. 

I have 4 daughters, 5 sisters, and 2 brothers.

TOA: How and when did you get started with Tile Outlets of America?

RH: I started with Tile Outlets in January of 2006. I was recruited by one of my workers when I supervised the ICS (Inventory Control Specialist) department at Walmart.

TOA: What roles have you held at Tile Outlets?

RH: I started out as an order puller, then worked my way up to lead puller. A puller is who pulls the tile or other products customers have purchased, loads it onto a pallet and brings it to customers' cars when they're ready to leave. It's important to know where product is and how best to load it so customers don't have to wait any longer than necessary.

From there I became the Assistant Receiving Manager and shortly after that I became the head Receiving manager. 

The receiving department is the first point of contact for product coming into the store, and the puller department is the last point of contact, so I've managed both ends of the process and understand how to make both work well together.

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Carrara/Blue/White Crackle 5/8 Mosaic 12x12

TOA: Ray, what is your new role?

RH: My role as of now is Assistant Store Manager. I will be leading the puller/receiving department and helping customers.

My biggest priority is to get my departments on the same page, know who is doing what, simplify tasks, and keep all lines of communication open. This should help improve the overall customer experience.

TOA: How does your experience as receiving manager help with those priorities?

RH: Being the Receiving Manager here over the years I’ve learned how to prioritize and simplify tasks, managing my workload, and not getting overwhelmed when it comes to certain matters at hand. 

I believe the methods I use can help other employees do the same so we all deliver a great customer experience.

Petrified Wood Blue

TOA: Which are your favorite products available  and why?

RH: I have quite a few favorites but my favorite tile is the  Petrified Wood Blue

As for the mosaics I like the crackle glass shiny mosaics.

>> Here's a  Carrara/Blue/White Crackle 5/8 Mosaic 12x12 that's currently available.

TOA: Do you have a favorite installation in the Inspiration Area?

RH: I love the Hemisphere Copper shower display as well as the Pisa Gold 12x24 and 30x30 combo.

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TOA: What advice do you have for first time TOA customers?

RH: You might be here awhile because we have a huge selection of great products.

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Ray Hampton's family, Fort Myers, FL

TOA: What do you like to do outside of TOA?

RH: Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family. Having parties and entertaining family and friends. 

I enjoy bowling, going to different restaurants, casinos/game rooms, movies...

TOA: Thank you, Ray, and congratulations!

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