Tile Design Inspiration from Tile Outlets Tampa

Oct 16th 2014

In honor of Tile Outlets of America's twelve year anniversary, I'm checking in with each store and asking our associates to share with us their favorite tile and stone products as well as their favorite design inspiration vignettes. The first was captured in Tile Design Inspiration from Tile Outlets Sarasota. In this article, we'll hear from Tampa.

Here follows what Tile Outlets sales associates in Tampa currently find most inspiring in-store.

Favorite Tile Design Inspiration Vignettes in Tile Outlets Tampa

Javier Garcia says,

"My favorite is the Royal Scabos Display with all the different sides. All the accents that were incorporated in the design really make this shower unique."

Gary Tuhro - whom you may remember from How to Maintain Ceramic and Porcelain Tile and Grout With Aqua Mix Products, who provided expert guidance for How To Apply Crystal Glass Grout? Jean Snell from The Tile Doctor Demonstrates, and who creates all of the Tampa tile display boards - loves the following 4 tile design inspiration vignettes:

1. The Outdoor Kitchen Vignette! With the ledger stone across the front and travertine medallion on the back splash, it is a rustic look with plenty of class for all to enjoy.

2. The Ladies Bathroom in Tampa. The calm colors of the pietra pearl polished wall tile and the classy mother of pearl glass accent make it truly a beautiful bathroom.

3. The Royal Scabos Shower Display. He loves the colorful blend of color and multiple size item(s) added. It reminds him of the hotel room shower he and his wife had on their honeymoon in Punta Cana.

4. The shower stall with the Emperador Light 12x12 and Cappuccino Vertical Glass Strips. He loves the color in the marble and the vibrant movement in the mosaic. Installing it vertically gives the wall added height.


Javy Garcia, Gary Tuhro, Bill Granger and Billy Morales from Tile Outlets of America in Tampa

Bill Granger particularly likes the first three shower vignettes from the left in the picture below. Why? Because he and Gary Tuhro installed them. They are also beautiful!

His other favorite vignette is the Bambu Dark and Light Shower Installation. (Read more about that in Why Buy From Tile Outlets? Hector Morejon From Five Star Flooring Explains.)


From left to right: Creme Glass Shower, Romina Shower, Silver Travertine Shower and Emperador Shower Installations

Billy Morales describes his favorite tile design installations as follows:

1. The Outdoor Kitchen Display - "I love the slab of concrete which gives it that real rustic look that customers love."

2. The Shower Display with the Pearl White 12x24 Marble - "I just think it's classy and elegant and I'm thinking of putting it in my shower."

3. The Travertine Royal Scabos Shower Display in the front - "It's the shower most of my customers like and want and always have something good to say about it."

4. The Emperador Light Polished Marble 12x12 Half Wall with the Cappuccino/Glass Strips Mosaic 12x12. "I think that display is really different; it stands out in a good way."


Bambu light and dark shower installation in Tile Outlets, Tampa

Favorite Tile and Stone Products in Tile Outlets Tampa

We asked the Tampa Tile Outlets sales associates what their favorite go-to products were. Here's what they shared.

Javier Garcia's favorite tile products include:

  • Canyon Multi Gloss Glass Mosaic 12x12. We have it in four different displays and it looks really good with a lot of different tiles. Also, it sells by itself.
  • Pietra Royal Porcelain Tile Polished Series. This tile imitates marble look in such a way that any customer would think it's a natural stone.
  • The Pietra Pearl Polished Series. The marble look without the natural stone maintenance is priceless.
  • Wood Look Tile. This type of tile is taking over the tile industry by storm and the technology behind it is impressive.
  • Silk Light and Silk Dark. The modern look is something a lot of young customers are looking for.
  • Limestone Light 20x20. He has this in his kitchen and it looks just like travertine.
  • Travertine Patterns are beautiful for an outside kitchen or any outside project.
  • Black Galaxy Granite. This granite has always attracted him from day one. The gold accents are really cool.
  • Pebble Mosaic for Shower Floor. This is new concept that a lot customers are looking for and it just changes the typical square look of shower floors.
  • Icaria Series. This tile can be used for outside or inside and it has become very popular.

Gary Tuhro's favorite tile products include:

  • Daytona Laguna Blanco - "I love the natural color and movement that are inherent in this tile. If you did not know the difference you would mistake it for natural stone."
  • Icaria Beige, Icaria Blanco - "This tile also has bright color and assorted movements which make it look like natural stone. The versatility of the different size(s) create many opportunities to use it on both walls and floors."
  • Wood Cherry - "This has a deep rich color in the glaze which makes it look quite authentic to a natural wood floor without the worries that come with a real wood floor. I love to show this to customers who are used to hardwood floors living up north and want the same in their Florida home. Being a native Floridian I know how valuable it is to have something that can look nice and also function at the same time. Due to the moisture and humidity, tile is the only way to go long term in Florida."
  • Redwood Mahogany - "The deep color, thanks to ink-jet technology, make this floor look so real you would think it is real wood. The hand scraped feel gives it the "weathered" look and feel that add to the warmth of real wood."
  • Botanica Teak - "The deep color and hand scraped feel make for a for a beautiful hardwood look. The striations (lines) in the tile give it character that are inherent to many exotic hardwood floors."
  • Granito Marrone and Granito Beige - "This tile looks great on the wall! It gives the look of a natural "stacked stone" and beautiful natural colorful movements create a natural look and "spa like atmosphere." I sell this as an alternative to those who want the natural stone look but not the up keep of natural stone."
  • Classic Tumbled, or Honed and Filled Travertine - "With the natural cream-like solid color characteristics that are inherent to this timeless stone, it works well for kitchen back splashes with many colorful granite or counter top options. It makes for a beautiful floor as well. The simplicity of its natural beauty gives it the ability to go with many color(s) and design choices."
  • Bambu LIght and Bambu Dark 12x24 - "Due to its sleek design and rectified edge this tile works great for a wall or floor. It adds a contemporary flair to any room it is in."


The Royal Scabos Shower Display in Tile Outlets Tampa

Billy Morales likes the following tile products:

Bill Granger lists these tile products as his favorite:

  • Daytona Series - This my go to item when a customer loves the stone look but wants a low maintenance tile. The ink jet technology is truly amazing.
  • Silk Light and Silk Dark - A very popular seller very similar to the bambu series at a more affordable price, with a white body that mimics a porcelain body.
  • Botanica Teak - A very nice wood look with a warm rich tones and a great price point
  • Royal Scabos - Still his favorite color tones in the stone line, so much variation. The vignette at the front of the store really helps a customer see what a beautiful stone it is.
  • Marina Walnut Porcelain tile - Beautiful color contrasts between light and dark tones. This is an item that is hard to keep in stock because it sells out so fast and he can’t wait to see the new color when it arrives.
  • Hexa Series - This is an out of the box look. So many items mimic one another; this is truly a great hexagon mosaic tile look that will appeal to many. He can’t wait to see what this tile does in the future.
  • Nikea Matte 8x8 - Again, a very unique out of the box patchwork tile look that will appeal to a different crowd. Bill adds, "It looks like we have someone on our buying team with a good eye ; )"


The Ladies' Bathroom in Tampa is a source of tile design inspiration!

  • Scabos Pattern- This is go-to color, even in the pattern, which has a very rich color pallet.
  • Vermont Shiny Series - This item is a no brainer in the Tampa market; it's just a beautiful stone look and the shine tops it off at an affordable price.
  • Ocean Wave Mosaic - Not only is it displayed in one of the tile design inspiration vignettes in Tampa, but it is a really nice look and the colors go very well together. This tile gives you that fresh relaxing ocean feel.
  • Roman Marifil 20x20 - This is a go to item in the Tampa market for the customer who insists on porcelain, but needs something inexpensive.

Thank you, Javy, Gary, Bill and Billy!

Have you visited the Tampa Tile Outlets of America store? Which were your favorite Tile Design Inspiration vignettes? What about favorite tile and stone products?

We hope you'll help us celebrate Tile Outlets of America's Twelve Year Anniversary Event and Sale by visiting the store during October!