Planning a Tile Project? Download the Dream Sheet!

Planning a Tile Project? Download the Dream Sheet!

Posted by TOA's Blog Team on Jul 27th 2023

Are you planning a tile project? Possibly a new backsplash or a kitchen remodel? Or a major bathroom renovation as Warren has done?

If your answer is yes, then consider downloading the Dream Sheet!

What is the Dream Sheet?

The Dream Sheet is a stone or tile project planning checklist so you can be more effective when browsing all of the possibilities in-store. It's a guide you can use to capture ideas, share details and keep track of your project while you're in the planning phase.

Simply download the Dream Sheet, and fill it out before visiting the Tile Outlets stores in Fort Myers, Sarasota or Tampa.

Once you reach the store, you can share the sheet with your sales associate and use it take notes while you're exploring ideas.

Why a Dream Sheet?

Transforming a space in your home into the vision you've been dreaming about can sometimes be overwhelming.

Selecting that perfect porcelain or ceramic tile and adding special mosaic accents and edging a backsplash with stone to create that one-of-a-kind design can be stressful, too.

How to make sense of all of the options available? We have a solution for you!

To make your visit to Tile Outlets of America successful - and your design project sure to become a reality - we've developed what we refer to as The Dream Sheet.

What to Expect with the Tile Project Dream Sheet?

Tile Outlets' Dream Sheet checklist consists of the following sections to help you with your tile project:

  • Capture information about your tile or stone project - which room of your house will you be working on? Is that space indoors or outdoors? Is it a wall, the floor, a backsplash?
  • What are the dimensions of the space you're planning to add tile or stone to?
  • Are you dreaming about specific types of tile?
  • What accessories will you need to complete your project?
  • Will you be installing the project yourself or professionally?

It also includes a checklist of the tools and supplies you'll need if you install the tile or stone project yourself.

What to Expect for Your Tile Project From Tile Outlets?

Tile Outlets of America is truly a one-stop-shopping experience.

1. Tile Installation Materials

In addition to a vast selection of first-quality and in-stock tile options, you can find everything you (or your tile contractor) need for installing your tile project. Tools, saws, sponges, cements, grouts and more.

>> Shop Tile Installation Products and Materials

2. Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

You will find a full assortment of RTA kitchen and bath cabinets in a range of styles - from contemporary to traditional and transitional. You can work with a designer who will help you develop an ideal floor plan. Select knobs, sinks, and practical accessories to make working in the kitchen highly efficient.

And, then, you can find tile to accessorize your cabinets with.

>> Shop Cabinets

3. Vanities

If it's just vanities you're looking for, Tile Outlets can help you. Some come with mirrors and many with different countertop options to select from.

You have floating vanities and furniture-inspired vanities in a range of styles.

>> Shop Vanities

4. Faucets and Fixtures

You now have available a beautiful collection of faucets and fixtures at Tile Outlets of America. You  can use them to update your existing kitchen and bathrooms, or for a remodel project.

The collection includes single and double handle bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets, soap dispensers, and drains. 

>> Shop Faucets and Fixtures

5. Luxury Vinyl Flooring

In addition to tile, you will find luxury vinyl flooring planks with realistic wood looks. These are ideal for a DIY project.

>> See Shop Luxury Vinyl Flooring at Tile Outlets of America!

>> See Discover Stone Polymer Composite Flooring aka SPC Flooring on Suncoast View

6. The Flooring Visualizer

Once you're beyond the detail work of the Dream Sheet, you may be ready to start visualizing. That's where the Tile Outlets Flooring Visualizer comes into play.

Browse through product ideas and see how they look. Look at tile or luxury vinyl; try planks or square shapes; switch direction and try something completely different.

It's fun and educational.

What About Tile Design Inspiration Ideas for your Project?

Oftentimes, when you're planning a project, you'll have spent a lot of time browsing magazines and online for tile designs or backsplash ideas you like - perhaps on Houzz or on Pinterest.

That's fantastic! Print out those ideas, keep track of them, attach them to your Dream Sheet. You might even create your own Pin Board on Pinterest to refer to with your sales associate when you visit Tile Outlets.

If you need even more ideas, be sure to explore Design Ideas section of the website which we are adding to regularly.

When you visit Tile Outlets, you can spend time in each store's Inspiration Area. That's where we've created interesting vignettes where you can see the tile in action - so to speak.

>> See Looking for Tile Design Inspiration? Check Out Tile Outlets in Fort Myers

And, when you're ready, don't forget to download tile installation patterns!

Ready to Make Your Tile Project Dreams Become Reality?

Are you ready to get started on your tile project? Great! Go ahead and download the Dream Sheet. Complete it and then let us know how it helped you with your tile or stone project.

We can't wait to help your dreams become reality for a whole lot less!

Note: We originally published this article on March 20, 2014, and have updated it.