Tile Design Inspiration from Tile Outlets Fort Myers

Oct 23rd 2014

In honor of Tile Outlets of America's twelve year anniversary, I thought we would check in with each store and ask the associates to share with us their favorite tile and stone products as well as their favorite design inspiration vignettes.

The first was captured in Tile Design Inspiration from Tile Outlets Sarasota and then in Tile Design Inspiration from Tile Outlets Tampa.

Here follows what Tile Outlets sales associates in Fort Myers find most inspiring in-store. By the way, you may remember these associates from How To Design With White Tile: Inspiration From Fort Myers and How to Create Tile Designs with Stone & Marble.

Favorite Tile Design Inspiration Vignettes in Tile Outlets Fort Myers

Kendra Price lists the following as her favorite tile installation vignettes in the Fort Myers store:

  • The Fantastic Travertine Shower Display - I find its modern function and classic look the perfect balance of old and new.
  • The 3x6 Glass Tile Display - I love the contemporary look and design of this display. It creates a whole look without adding anything extra.
  • The New White Wet Bar Area - The ultra modern look of this bar area, for me, is everything. I love the mix of the dark and light. It shows you how you can put together different products to create an entirely different look.
  • The Augusta Shower Display - I really enjoy the mix of mediums in this display. You have the shiny tile against the stainless and glass in the listello, then the white pebbles on the floor to really complete the look.


From left to right: Kendra Price, Jim Palmer, Sam Scardina, Dennis Werley and Tanya Price in Tile Outlets of America, Fort Myers

Sam Scardina finds it difficult to narrow down which vignettes to highlight. He explains, "I personally don't have a favorite one, two or four. I find them all very helpful and useful tools.

For example, If a customer wants to see old world and modern come together, we have the 18x18 Fantastic Travertine Shower and Tub areas and the Classic 12x12 Tumbled Travertine with the Noce 3x6 Tumbled Travertine Shower to show.

If a customer would like to see ultra modern, we have a Glass Display and the Wood Look Porcelain Planks on the walls.

If the customer wants to see a Tiled Wall with an Accent Row in the Middle, we have it.

If they want to use Two Rows of Tile, one at knee level and one at chest level, we have that also.

An Accent Row Around the Shower Head and Valve Body, you guessed it, you can see it.

Want to Create an Illusion of a Window in a Room Without One using Tile? We can show you that, too.

Is it a granite counter top you are looking for at an affordable price? Check out the Outdoor Kitchen Counter Top where we installed the 12x12 Black Galaxy Granite with the Granite Edges.

Want to Tile your Fireplace or Entertainment Center? Come on in and you can see it.


Magnificent travertine tile entertainment center at Tile Outlets in Fort Myers

Looking for Glass Backsplash, Stone Backsplash, Stone with Metal Accent Backsplash, we have them for the customer to see.

If the customer wants a Vertical Running Bond Installation on the Wall, Horizontal Running Bond Installation on the Floor or Wall, Diagonal Installation for the Floor or Wall, Herringbone Installation, Square Installation... here it can be seen."

Dennis Werley finds the following installation displays inspiring:

  • The Arctic Glass 3x6 for its modern look
  • The Pearl White 12x24 for its classy look
  • The Fantastic Travertine 18x18 - the shower looks fantastic!!


The Fantastic Travertine Tub and Shower Display in Tile Outlets Fort Myers

Tanya Price likes the following:

  • The Entertainment Center Vignette - it would make a unique focal point for a living room
  • The Kitchen with White Cabinets and Vertical Mosaic. It shows how, with a plain patterned countertop, you can have a busier patterned backsplash.
  • The Fantastic Travertine Tub and Shower. I like the 18" tiles so there's not much grout to clean. The travertine gives it a rich classy look.
  • The Wet Bar. I like the 3 dimensional wave in the tile and the glass mosaic panels give it an elegant touch.

Favorite Tile and Stone Products in Tile Outlets Fort Myers

Next we asked the Fort Myers associates about their favorite tile and stone products.

Kendra Price explains about her favorite products:


12x24 Pearl White Marble shower display accented with a glass and stainless mosaic liner

Jim Palmer considers the following products must-haves to showcase with customers:

The Stone Mini Bullnose in Silver, Cascade, Noce, Seabed, Classic and White Marble in at least two thicknesses each.

Then, the Split and Flat Faced Pebble Mosaics, in Black, White and Mixed.

And, then, the Cascade Travertine in 18x18, Cascade White Travertine 8x12, Cascade Travertine in a Versailles Pattern and Cascade Travertine in 12x12 all in the honed and rectified cut.


This shower display features Augusta on the walls and pebble mosaic on the floor.

Sam Scardina explains how he goes about sharing tile inspiration with his customers, "If the customer is looking for outdoor tile for an entry, lanai, pool deck, walkway, driveway or garage, I will start with Daytona, Icaria, Brezo, Delhi Natural Grip 18x18 porcelain tile, Newslate, Fiordi and Teak Wood look porcelain tiles. With this line up there is a good selection of color, texture and some multiple sizes."


The wet bar area features a Solera sink and faucet along with the Pepper Shaker cabinetry and accessories. Above the counter: 12x24 Eneas tile. Below the counter: 12x24 Mitos Blanco tile and 12x24 Marmo Borghini on the floor. Mosaic panels: Marbelous Flower 1x2 Mosaic 10x12

From there, and depending on the feedback he receives as he learns more about the projects customers have in mind, he will further fine-tune the tile and stone selections he introduces to them. His recommendations highlight the vast range of tile and stone products available in stock at Tile Outlets of America!


3x6 Arctic Subway Glass Shower display

Sam further explains, "I have only brushed on the in-stock inventory and have given you at least 22 styles ranging in approximately 36 colors and I haven't bragged about the wide range of colors and sizes of our wood look ceramic and porcelain tile or the laminate wood flooring. I will save that for my next customers!"

Dennis Werley finds the Varenna series, Icaria, Alpine Cream, Brezo, Bambu, Augusta, Napa Cream, Newslate and Silver Travertine particularly inspiring.

Finally, Tanya Price highlights the following tile related products she considers critical:

Thank you, Kendra, Jim, Sam, Dennis and Tanya!

Have you visited the Fort Myers Tile Outlets of America store? Which were your favorite Tile Design Inspiration vignettes? What about favorite tile and stone products?

We hope you'll help us celebrate Tile Outlets of America's Twelve Year Anniversary Event by visiting the store during October!