From Tile Dream to Tile Installation Reality in Fort Myers, FL

From Tile Dream to Tile Installation Reality in Fort Myers, FL

Posted by TOA's Blog Team on May 19th 2016

Do you need to see how tile looks installed? Then, be sure to visit any of the Tile Outlets of America stores. We are constantly on the lookout for store display ideas to show how tile dreams can truly be transformed into tile installation reality.

We do that because tile tends to be intensely abstract (i.e., just building materials) until it becomes installed into a floor, wall, shower or other practical yet beautiful space.

We find ideas everywhere.

In Tile Inspiration from the Fort Myers Parade of Homes 2016, you got a taste for the ideas available around you - in this case, new home construction - that can be reinterpreted with the right tile styles. Not to mention what you can see in How to Create a Contemporary Urban Look with Porcelain and Ceramic Tile.

Well, here are three installations you will find when you visit Tile Outlets in Fort Myers (and related variations in the Tampa and Sarasota stores) which were inspired by images found in magazines and on Houzz:

1. A wet bar installation

2. An outdoor barbecue installation with ledger stone

3. A Travertine mantelpiece-inspired entertainment center

Let's explore each one.

Wet Bar Idea Becomes Tile Installation Reality

Michele Hoover found the image below of a contemporary kitchen on Houzz and fell in love with it and these design elements:

  • The contrast between the dark cabinetry and the white tile.
  • The textural design in the white tile.
  • The clean simple lines.

Here's how that design looks reinterpreted in the Fort Myers, FL store location.

Note the dark, shaker-style cabinetry (be sure to Explore Kitchen and Bath Cabinets at Tile Outlets! in Tampa and Fort Myers).

The wet bar area features a Solera sink and faucet along with the Pepper Shaker cabinetry and accessories.

Above the counter, we used 12x24 Eneas tile which has a lovely, wavy texture. (By the way, Eneas Blanco is what is used in one of the bathrooms featured in the Tampa Home of Distinction.)

Below the counter, we used 12x24 white tile without texture, which echoes the clean white of the tile above.

On the floor, you'll find 12x24 Marmo Borghini; it captures the marble-inspired look which is a classic as well as a strong design trend.

On the panels, we added Marbelous Flower 1x2 Mosaic 10x12 for a subtle design which interweaves the dark notes of the cabinetry with the white wall tile and the floor tile tones.

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Do you like how that turned out?

An outdoor barbecue installation with ledger stone

Next is the barbecue grill area installation.

This particular image is simply amazing with the contrast in vertical ledger and listello elements on the walls, contrasting with the shapes of the floor tiles and the bold yet simple mosaic backsplash.

At the same time, this design isn't for the faint-of-heart with its strong visual statement.

We loved how it makes ledger stone shine.


This idea came from an image pinned by The Tile Shop on Pinterest.

And we decided to interpret this design into one less about color and more about harmony and texture.

The ledger stone features prominently in the design.

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Since we have other displays with mosaics, we decided to feature medallions in the backsplash. Given the more muted color scheme in our tile installation reality, the medallion adds considerable visual interest to the space.

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And here's another angle which shows you the floor tile selection which echoes the ledger stone colors and the mosaic backsplash border frame.

What's your reaction? Do you like this outdoor barbecue installation with ledger stone?

A mantelpiece reinterpreted as a Travertine tile entertainment center

This last example is one of our very favorites.

As you can see from the inspiration image, this is a fireplace mantel, created with large wood beams and a minimal amount of tile.


This image came from the Tile Shop on Pinterest.

Well, if you're a fan of tile, you might want to transform the mantelpiece and wooden elements into an entertainment center where there are multiple textures of Travertine mixed together.

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You'll find Travertine split face mosaics, tumbled Travertine, large format honed and filled Travertine, along with glass. It’s a stunning piece and a must see when you visit the Fort Myers store.

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What's your reaction to this tile installation reality? Do you like the mixture of different types of tile?

From Tile Dream to Installation Reality: Can We Help You?

As you can see from these examples, transforming a dream of tile into a fully installed reality is possible. We invite you to visit Tile Outlets in Fort Myers (or Tampa and Sarasota) and come see for yourself the displays we've created and the amazing selection of first quality and in-stock tile you will find available. We would love to help you.