Trade Pro Customer Relations Specialist Keke Santiago Serves Needs of Tile Installation Professionals

Trade Pro Customer Relations Specialist Keke Santiago Serves Needs of Tile Installation Professionals

Are you familiar with the Trade Pro Program at Tile Outlets of America? Trade Pro Customer Relations Specialist Keke Santiago, based out of Tile Outlets in Tampa will tell you more about the program in this article.

At Tile Outlets of America, we take seriously the needs of tile installation professionals and greatly appreciate the trust they place in us to provide them with true Peace of Mind and honor our customer promise.

Whereas Gary Tuhro focuses on tile installation professionals in Sarasota, Keke focuses on those in the Tampa and Fort Myers markets.

Meet Keke Santiago, Trade Pro Customer Relations Specialist

TOA: Keke, please tell us about yourself and your background. How did you get started at Tile Outlets?

KS: Hi, my name is Keyshlink, but people call me Keke.

I was born in New Jersey and raised  here in Tampa. I have 3 children and a soon-to-be husband.

Previously, I worked as a secretary in an accounting services firm. I started at Tile Outlets about two years ago as a cashier and was promoted to Customer Relations Specialists about 6 months ago.

I love working with customers and contractors.

TOA: What is your role at Tile Outlets and how do you assist the team?

KS: I am a Customer Relations Specialist and work mainly with our tile contractor base, making sure they receive the best customer service they deserve.

I deal with contractors in Tampa and the Fort Myers store on a day-to-day basis about current jobs, future jobs and any issues they may have. I inform them about special events, sales events, discount levels and when their quarterly rebates are released.

And, I also help the stores with a variety of other jobs.

TOA: What do you love most about tile and stone?

KS: If you’ve never worked in the tile and stone industry, you never really think much about the flooring you encounter in your daily lives.  After working here several years, I now really appreciate how tile and stone can transform a house or a business.  It really makes the room beautiful.

TOA: Which are your favorite products and why?

KS: The wood look ceramics and porcelain tiles.  These are my favorite.  They have a very unique look they come in many sizes.


A wood look tile such as the Deck Series in Grigio transforms a room. A wood look tile such as the Deck Series in Grigio transforms a room.


I also love the different mosaic designs we have.

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I have helped design many wall designs with customer mixing and matching mosaics and wall tiles for their bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes.  It’s nice to see pictures of finished designs once they are installed.  Almost like an artist seeing his painting hanging  in a gallery.


A few of the many mosaics available at Tile Outlets of America A few of the many mosaics available at Tile Outlets of America


TOA: What is most important for trade professionals who shop at Tile Outlets of America?

KS: Don’t stress! We are here to help you find the right product for your job.

TOA: What kinds of questions do trade installation professionals have about the Trade Pro program?

KS: Contractors usually want to know how to sign up with us.

It’s easy,  come by or call fill out a few question on our Trade Pro sign up form.  It takes about five minutes to enter them into our system.  They will have a unique id number assigned to their company name.  Whenever they shop or send their customers in, they can use that unique id number and start receiving the assigned discounts.

Also, they receive a quarterly rebate based on sales made under their id number for the previous quarter.


Trade-Pro-Benefits-banner (432x900)


TOA: What should a contractor who’s never been to Tile Outlets expect?

KS: A contractor who has never shopped at TOA before can expect one thing:

“We are committed to providing our customer with an exceptional shopping experience every time.”

We offer our shoppers a tremendous in-stock selection of first quality products; we  have everyday low prices and provide friendly and quality service.

TOA: What do you do when you’re not immersed in tile?

KS: My personal life is all about family time & church.


Keke Santiago's family Keke Santiago's family

TOA: How can trade professionals reach you?

KS: You can come by the store (si, habla Espanol).

I’m here Monday through Friday at our Tampa location.

Also feel  free to call or email me anytime. My email is and my phone number at the store is 813-876-0080 extension 226.

Oh, and don’t forget about our annual Contractor Appreciation Night for all the stores! It is coming up this January.  For those who have never attended, it’s a fun night, with good food, good company and a drawing for prizes.

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TOA: Thank you, Keke!

If you're a tile installation professional in Tampa or Fort Myers, we hope you'll contact Keke Santiago to learn more about the Trade Pro program at Tile Outlets of America.