What's New in Tile: Pamesa at Cevisama 2016

What's New in Tile: Pamesa at Cevisama 2016

In this article, I'll share with you what's new in tile at Cevisama 2016 from the perspective of Pamesa, an important Spanish ceramic and porcelain tile resource for Tile Outlets of America.

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Cevisama 2016 From the Perspective of Pamesa

Tile Outlets of America features many items from Pamesa Spain and invited William Bannantine, Pamesa representative, to share with us a first-hand view of their 6,000 sf booth, product highlights and tile trends from the Cevisama show held in Valencia, Spain.

Pamesa is very involved in the community and welcomed many local celebrities and important guests to join them at their booth.

The VILLAREAL professional soccer team (currently in 4th place (of 20 teams) in arguably the world’s finest professional soccer league) made its way to see PAMESA.


VILLAREAL professional soccer team The VILLAREAL professional soccer team at the Pamesa booth at Cevisama 2016


The team helped Pamesa demonstrate the Pamesa Cube.


Demonstrating Pamesa VX


The Pamesa Cube is one of three elements from the newly launched Pamesa Virtual Xperience, a revolutionary approach to the tile purchase process:

Interactive 360º Video can be visualised on any device (computer, tablet or mobile). When users put on their Cardboard glasses, they enter into an immersive experience that allows them to move around and explore the contents of a virtual environment as though they were physically present. This interactive video can also be seen at www.pamesavx.com and attracted the attention not only of Pamesa’s customers, collaborators and promoters but also of the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, who showed great interest in the innovation on the opening day of Cevisama.

Pamesa Cube is an immersive cube that shows the user different virtual reality environments and projects them in real size. With the cube clients can experiment to create different decorative styles using Pamesa’s materials. These environments are rendered in actual size and can be personalised for each country, and even for each user.

Pamesa Touch interactive Videowall, a new way of demonstrating Pamesa’s collections, with high-resolution screens providing a better viewing experience and the ability to incorporate new collections immediately at all sales points. Its additional advantages are that the user’s experience can be maximised by learning about the client’s interests (analysing where they interact most) and by seeing how the user feels about what he or she is looking at on the screen using the latest ‘facereading’ tools.

Valencia's professional basketball team, undisputed leader with a record of 18 wins and 1 loss, “raised the average height” on the PAMESA stand for awhile.


Valencia's professional basketball team Valencia's professional basketball team joins Pamesa at their Cevisama Booth.


Five time world champion triathlete Javier Gomez Noya, who enjoys PAMESA sponsorship, was not able to make it for Cevisama 2016 although he has in the past.  He is a favorite for gold in Rio.

As you see from the images above, the tile business isn’t always about tile. Pamesa gets very involved in the sports of its country.

What's New in Tile: Pamesa Product Introductions at Cevisama 2016

1. Spectacular Wood Look Tile

With regard to product, PAMESA presented a spectacular new wood look tile called GRASSE in 8x48.

The five color series features two spectacular whites (one warm…one cool) with the Florida market in mind.


Pamesa-Grasse-room Wood Look Tile GRASSE 8x48 in white from Pamesa




The BREDA and TALENT series feature semi-polished and matte rectified modern, contemporary looks in 24x48 inch, 12x48 inch as well as 12x24 and 24x24 inches.


Pamesa-Breda-Talent-room Pamesa Breda and Talent


The very popular 8x24 inch ceramic size yields a new PAMESA series of 11 colors !!!

The WALD series offers a color and a style for just about everyone.  This material is suitable for any residential setting.


Pamesa-Wald-tile-series The Wald series from Pamesa


2. White Textured Wall Tile Continues Strong!

White textured wall tiles continue to be a PAMESA strength.


Pamesa-white-textured-wall-tile (650x398)


Made with both white and red clay, the ever-more popular elongated sizes of 10x30, 8x18 and 8x24 come with both matte and shiny finishes as you can see in the images below.




Pamesa-white-textured-wall-tile-2 (650x328)


Pamesa-white-textured-wall-tile-3 (650x328)


Pamesa-white-textured-wall-tile-4 (650x328)


Tile Design Inspiration: Get Inspired with Pamesa!

Get inspired with your colors and textures!  Pamesa likes to show you how to put colors and ideas together into your dream space.




Below you see features three color-trend stories from Pamesa: Havel-Markt, Platz-Mitte and Whites.


Pamesa-Havel-Markt (650x250) Pamesa-Platz-Mitte (650x244) Pamesa-Whites (650x237)



Pamesa Tile Products at Tile Outlets of America

From the description above, you can appreciate how on-trend Pamesa tile products are and how relevant to the Florida market. Here are specific products available at Tile Outlets of America that you can check out for a first-hand experience:

15x30 Format

In the 15x30 format, you will find Helios 15x30 and Venato Blanco Polished 15x30. Both items come with coordinated mosaics and bullnose.

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Ceramic Wood Plank Tile

Our ceramic wood plank offerings from Pamesa:

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Porcelain Wood Look Plank Tile

TOA porcelain wood plank offerings from Pamesa

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Wall Tile from Pamesa

TOA wall tile offerings from Pamesa:

Wall tiles come with coordinated mosaics.

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For additional perspective about Cevisama and tile from Pamesa, visit The Pamesa Blog.