Feel and See Ceramic Tile Textures from Cevisama 2016

Feel and See Ceramic Tile Textures from Cevisama 2016

Last year's theme for the Cevisama show in Spain was "Welcome to the World of Ideas." For 2016, the theme aptly was "Time to Feel" given the many beautiful ceramic tile textures available throughout the show.

(For perspective on the 2015 Cevisama show, see Marble and Wood Look Tile: Top Tile Trends From Cevisama 2015 in Valencia, Spain and Decorative Tile Ideas From Cevisama 2015.)

What we love about Cevisama is how it showcases ceramic tiles, bathroom and kitchen equipment, natural stone, raw materials, frits, glazes and ceramic colorants, ceramic roof tiles, and bricks, building materials and hardware. It's a European exhibit that attracts distributors, importers, producers, wholesalers, shops, architects, interior designers and the press from over 145 countries. The Cevisama trade show has been taking place for more than 3 decades; in 2016 it attracted over 78,000 visitors!

In this article, I'll share with you a virtual tour of Cevisama 2016 so you can see how many of the trends we've highlighted on this blog continue strong as well as how other trends are evolving. These trends include bricks and subway tile, patchwork tile, large format backsplashes and wood plank tiles used on walls, hexagons, textures and colors. Are you ready?

BTW, be sure to explore all the images of Cevisama 2016 on their website, as well as #Cevisama on Instagram and Cevisama on Pinterest. You'll 'see' for yourself how truly exciting this show is!

Bricks and Subway Tile Continue Strong at Cevisama!

Bricks are becoming more popular. These bricks in the images below are porcelain tiles with the texture and feel of real bricks. They have been combined with a glossy subway white tiles on the wall and a splash of blue mosaics in the back.


Bricks and Subway Tile Continue Strong at Cevisama!


Did you notice the pink fridge?  What's your reaction?

To achieve this look, be sure to checkout our London Brick collection and the Acquarella 3x12 subway tiles from Nande Tiles in Spain.

Also, see

Another whimsical brick tile was displayed in this Little Town coffee shop.  Aren't the swings fun? Don't they make you want to start swinging?


More Bricks and Subway Tile Continue Strong at Cevisama!


The floors are done in a wood plank tile installed in a herringbone which pulls together the warm bricks with the white bricks on the walls.

The London Brick collection I mentioned above is available in three colors, enabling you to easily create your very own Little Town coffee shop vibe!

The image below takes the brick/subway tile idea and reinterprets it. Dual Gres showcased subway tiles in a stone and marble look and combined that with decorative tiles behind the delicious looking bread which gives the wall a decorative edge.


Subway tiles in a stone and marble look combined with decorative tiles


You can create this look with our Stone Series subway tiles (look for Stone Cameo collection, Stone Pebble 3x6 subway tile, 3x6 geometric mix subway tile, 1x12 stone pebble pencil and Stone Taupe collection) along with the decorative subway tile to complement the look.

>> See Stone Subway Tile Wall Series Expands Subway Tile Selection.

Patchwork Designs Evolve at Cevisama!

The patchwork look remains strong. You'll notice it on floors and walls as you explore Pinterest and Instagram.

Another way to do patchwork on walls is to mix it with solid color tiles as you see in the image below with the patchwork square is mixed with a rectangular (almost brick-like) tile.


Patchwork Designs Evolve at Cevisama!


You can imagine the range of patterns you might create by randomly using patchwork tiles as well as creating distinct patterns for color and design.

Notice in the image below how patchwork tiles are used for an entire wall and that the different types of patterns have been grouped for a stronger design element. Not only does this add warmth and color to an otherwise cold and modern kitchen, it also adds character and visual interest.


Modern Patchwork Tile Backsplash at Cevisama 2016


You can use Nikea Matte and Nikea Sephia Glossy to create the patchwork look on your walls.

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Large Format Tile Backsplashes Look Vibrant and On-Trend

The marble look in porcelain continues strong, not to mention the large format look! What's exciting is seeing both combined and used as a backsplash as in the image below.

Here's how that look was shown last year: see Marble and Wood Look Tile: Top Tile Trends From Cevisama 2015 in Valencia, Spain.

The end result is contemporary, yet also classic.


Large Format Tile Backsplashes Look Vibrant and On-Trend


With a glossy finish this look will create a classy high end kitchen backsplash.   Check out the Venato 15x30 by Pamesa Spain to create this look.

>> See Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Marble: Venato and Helios.

Wood Plank Wall Tiles? Yes!

The possibilities with wood plank tiles are endless. With wood plank tiles, you can make a statement on the walls and continue the look onto the floor. The image below features wood plank on the walls and wood look hexagon tiles on the floor.


Wood Plank Wall Tiles? Yes!


You'll find many different looks, sizes and finishes of wood look plank tile at Tile Outlets of America to create this kind of design concept.

>>See porcelain wood look planks and ceramic wood look planks.

In this next example, the wood look extends from the walls to the floors with a herringbone pattern.




The wood plank tiles are installed in a herringbone design on the floor and in a linear design on the walls.  There's continuity, but also visual interest from the contrasting designs.

You can find this wood look with our King Nut tile series.

Hexagon Tile at Cevisama

Hexagons are still trending in multiple sizes and color formats.

As you can see in the image below, hexagon tile can create a patchwork effect, too, with these large format tiles in a multitude of color patterns.


Hexagon Tile at Cevisama


Use them on the floors as well as the walls to add dimension to your design. In the image below, the wall hexagons define the shower area, while the floor pattern defines the greater bathroom space.

Did you notice the touch of hexagon-inspired whimsy around the mirror?


Hexagon tile on the walls and on the floor


These types of hexagon tiles are available at Tile Outlets under our special order program.   They also come in cement material for outdoor looks as well.

The Ultimate in Tile Trends with Textures and Colors!

This picture takes me back decades with this old motorcycle.  Look carefully at all the details. Is this a museum display showcasing tile from another century or freshly produced tile?


Looks old, but new tile at Cevisama 2016


These tiles have been created with the look and feel of having existed for year. Even the corners of the tile squares have that worn look and the listello trim is broken and aged on purpose.

This is a new trend and look. The older it looks, the newer it is! These tiles are 6x6 ceramic wall tiles.

These next images show tile that take texture in a more contemporary direction. These are wall tiles with depth and structure in white, black and copper color schemes.


Intense textured wall tiles at Cevisama 2016


How much fun might you have with designing with these looks?

This beautiful wall features multiple textures in tile.  The effect is vibrant!




The white wall tile has a texture and raised design; the wood looking tiles in the middle have a linear design concept to coordinate with the wood floor.

This next example combines the patchwork look with a hexagon-like shape, intense texture and plenty of color.


Hexagon + Patchwork + Texture + Color + Pattern at Cevisama 2016


I just love seeing combined tile textures and colors come together!

Speaking of colors, you'll notice plenty of fun and intense colors at Cevisama. They are bold, modern and geometric in their intensity.




Large Format Cement Look Tile

Cement look tiles in porcelain are very popular and still trending.  These large format cement tiles are used on the wall and combined with a cement, wood look plank on the floor.  It's a bit industrial looking with a touch of relaxed modern.

Cement looking tiles come in cool colors – Grey, beige and taupe - creating a cool relaxed space for what ever strikes your spa fancy.


Large Format Cement Look Tile


What's your reaction to this virtual tour of Cevisama 2016? What do you think about these tile trends? How do you see using them in your home?



Special thanks to Cevisama for making virtual tours so powerfully intense.