Shades of Red Tile for Valentine's Day

Shades of Red Tile for Valentine's Day

Posted by Kate Spencer on Feb 14th 2024

In honor of this Valentine's Day, we want to inspire you with shades of red tile that will warm your heart and your home.

You see, Valentine's Day isn't all about roses and chocolates. It's also about celebrating the color red.

Powerful and energetic, red warms you up. At the same time, it's intense and a little can go a long way depending on your preferences.

We love seeing red interpreted in the home whether in intensely red statements or with more subtle touches and suggestions.

Watching Red Evolve Over Time

When we first published this article in 2019, we noticed that red had started to trend toward the blue with mauve touches. No surprise given that the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year was Classic Blue. 

However, as you'll notice in some of the examples below, red also appears in the Living Color (Pantone's 2019 Color of the Year) direction as well as the 2024 Peach Fuzz.

That's not to say that pure red doesn't have its place in your home. In fact, a dash of that powerful energy can add the perfect touch to an otherwise lukewarm environment.

Here, to inspire you are Shades of Red from Cevisama and other marvelous and inspiring tile exhibits. Consider yourself drunk in love with these various interpretations!

Subtle Shades of Red Tile: From Mosaics to Red Grout

The ultimate in red is an all-over tile installation in glass subway tile, hexagons, arabesques or even rectangular-shaped ceramic or porcelain tile.

Imagine a bathroom all in red tile. It feels warm and cozy and then revivifying once you've taken an energizing shower.

You'll often see red in kitchen backsplashes, adding a warm, welcoming touch to the hearth of a home. So as not to overpower, it's combined with dark or white kitchen cabinets and countertops.

In the example below, you see bold stripes of square red tile combined with white tile. We love the red and white sink!

For a bold look, consider a black and white tile herringbone pattern with red glass subway tile!

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Red-Inspired Mosaics

As a reminder of the intensity of red, here are some jewel-like mosaics we first described to you in Mosaics Add Sparkle into the New Year and Beyond!.

Check out this magnificent and bold red mosaic!

Look at the contrast in the shades of red shown at Cevisama 2020! These are flat toned mosaics rather than shiny and definitely harken to Pantone's 2019 Color, Living Coral.

Penny Rounds

Here you see penny round mosaics.

Next, circle-inspired mosaics.

Hexagon Shapes

You'll notice many examples of hexagons. Here are three examples showing you the versatility of this geometric shape. The options are truly endless.

Here is a traditional hexagon shape.

Don't you love how the hexagon has been elongated? What about the range of color in this mosaic?

In this hexagon, the shape has been elongated vertically. Notice some playful color variation.

Mixed Mosaics

If you prefer a more subdued approach to red mosaics, consider shades of burgundy combined with metallic touches as you see in the image below.

Imagine combining a backsplash made from these with dark cabinets and a light marble-looking countertop.

Or, what about this mosaic with these dark shades of red combined with white and grey?

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Other Touches of Red Tile

As you might imagine, there are other ways to subdue red.

Although you might think that this subway tile below isn't all that subtle an installation of red tile, look at how it is subdued with the addition of two relatively monochrome decorative wall tiles.

Here are beautiful 4x4 tiles in a shimmery finish.

Those peach tones bring to mind the 2024 color of the year, Peach Fuzz.

Red Tile Becomes Pink-Inspired Tile

In addition to the coral direction, you'll notice red going in a more blue direction with pinks and purples.

Let's start with the pink and, more specifically, these wonderful pink flamingos that add such a great touch to this vignette. Wouldn't this make a fun kid's bathroom or feature wall in a bedroom?

Pink glass mosaics highlight the bathroom sink below.

Notice the terrazzo floor and how well it coordinates with the glass mosaics. But look how unique these two design elements work together to make for a bright bathroom.

Terrazzo continues strong, with lovely combinations and interpretations.

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If you look closely, you'll see that the terrazzo consists of hexagons in shades of pink.

Speaking of both, look at this interpretation in hexagon of similar color shades. These are 8" and 10" hexagons in a rich variation in patterns fresh from Cevisama 2020.

Look at this hexagon which is stamped with a design. Although you might use this on either a wall or floor, you could have serious fun creating a feature wall design with it.

Patchwork Tile Patterns

In addition to hexagons, you'll find examples of decorative patchwork patterns that lend themselves to so many colors and designs, including reds and pinks.

The example below features a beautiful textural patchwork tile where pattern superimposed on the color tones it down.

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Don't you love this interpretation? These warm, fun, patchwork tiles come in 8x8s with all of the designs combined in one box.

If you are looking for a softer decorative tile offering in pink, consider this soft pink with grey flowers. This tile is suited for floors and walls and comes in an 8x8.

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Purple Shades of Red Tile

Pink isn't far from purple. And, in case you lean more in the blue direction, you might consider purple shades rather than pure reds.

Look at how the installation below combines a brick mosaic feature wall with a rectangular wall tile. The purple-maroon tile tones retain the red-inspired warmth, yet tone it down just a touch.

These scallops or moons are a great mosaic feature.

You can turn these different directions to achieve different designs. Although you can find them in multiple colors, this purple shade caught our attention for Valentine’s Day.

These mosaics look great as a shower listello/strip or even a feature wall.

Consider Using Red Grout with Your Tile

One idea worth considering is combining white tile (or another solid color) with red grout as you see in the Instagram image below. It's vibrant, playful and sure to infuse a strong design element to a space.

For more about colored grout, be sure to read Add Sparkle and Color to Your Grout With Litokol Starlike Crystal Glitter Grout.

If you have your heart set on glass blocks, here's a fabulous way to add shades of red!

At Cevisama 2020, we came upon these glass blocks bordered with all of the shades we've featured in this article. From bold red, to pink, purple, coral and even orange, you can have it all for Valentine's Day!

Mixing Shades of Red in Your Tile Design

If you aren't quite sure how to mix reds in your designs, here are a few more examples.

The next two images were taken at Coverings. Notice how the touch of red-infused tile wakes up the walls.

And look how well it coordinates with the black, grey and white floor tile.

Don't you love seeing the touches of coral combined with dark shades in this herringbone pattern?

Would you consider adding shades of red tile to your home? How and where? We'd love to hear more.

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Tile Outlets of America!

We wish you and yours a warm, friendly and energizing Valentine's Day.

When you visit Tile Outlets, be sure to let us know how to help you make your dreams become reality.

Thanks for reading.