Tile Inspiration from the Fort Myers Parade of Homes

Tile Inspiration from the Fort Myers Parade of Homes

Posted by TOA's Blog Team on Apr 28th 2016

Are you ready for some tile inspiration? Michele Hoover and Curtis Harmon from Tile Outlets of America in Fort Myers toured a dozen homes in the 2016 Parade of Homes and came away with ideas on how you might use floor tile and wall tile in your home.

As Michele explains,

"The houses in the 2016 Parade of Homes that we toured were outstanding. We toured approximately 12 homes in the Fort Myers area. These homes ranged from $299,000 through $1,500,000. They were all, regardless of their price tag, beautifully decorated and tiled. It was no surprise to see wood-look plank tiles in a very large percentage of the homes.

Most of the homes featured softer and lighter beiges and greys with muted blues and greens on walls. We noticed almost every kitchen featured two tone colored cabinets similar to the large kitchen displayed in the Fort Myers store. Almost every pool we saw was lined with glass mosaics. I do not recall seeing any field tile or 4x4 or 6x6s in pools – all mosaics..."

Michele and Curtis took lots of photos so we could share with you tile inspiration ideas which we've organized into the following categories:

  • Mosaic Tile Inspiration
  • Floor Tile Inspiration: Large Format Floor Tile, Wood Look Tile and Floor-Wall Tile Combinations
  • Focal Wall Tile Inspiration: Brick Look, Ledger Stone Walls

We have also included product suggestions from Tile Outlets of America in case you want to create the same look in your home.

Mosaic Tile Inspiration

Mosaics create magic. They transform a space or an otherwise bland looking tile into something unique to you.

Notice, in the image below, how wide the mosaic band is and also how effective it is used in the soap niche.

To create this look, combine Terra Ivory 10x16 with G17 Stone/Glass/Stainless 1x1 Mosaic 12x12.

For the mosaic look captured in the two images above, consider White Shell/Stone Glass Brick Mosaic.

The mosaic in this shower can be created using Iris Blue Glass Mosaic 11.5x12.5. Beautiful, no?

To create this subway tile look, use Clear Pebble Glass 4x12 or Metropolitan Blue 2x6 Glass Mosaic tile.

For the kitchen backsplash in the image below, consider Santa Monica Venata Mosaic 12x12 and White Ice Bright 3x6 tile

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Pool Mosaic Inspiration

Mosaics aren't limited to kitchen or bathroom backsplashes. Oh, no. All you need to do is go outside and admire the pools.

We think there's nothing more beautiful than pool mosaic. It shimmers and playfully reflects the light from sun and water as you can see in the two images below.

For this pool mosaic look, try Northern Lights Midnight 1x1 mosaic tile.

For this look, try Michelangelo Ocean Glass Mosaic or Water Brush Puzzle Glass Mosaic.

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Floor Tile Inspiration: Large Format Floor Tile, Wood Look Tile and Floor-Wall Tile Combinations

Large Format Floor Tile

We loved that several of the Parade of Homes showcased large format floor tile. The large formats minimize grout lines; they also add a zen-like element to spaces as you can see in these two images.

To create this glossy, large format floor, try Nairobi Marfil 24x24 porcelain tile.

This large format wall tile look could be created using Vulcano Off White 25x25 Porcelain tile.

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Wood Look Tile is a Natural for Fort Myers Homes!

The photos speak for themselves, don't you think?

For this look above, try Bosco Cenere porcelain tile 9x33. By the way, isn't the open corner feature with sliding glass doors interesting? Notice how the wood planks have been laid on the diagonal.

For this look, try Hunter 8x47 Porcelain Plank.

Contrast how the wood planks have been set: which do you prefer?

For this look, consider Elite White 6x36 porcelain wood plank tile.

Isn't the space below inviting? You can create it with Origini Bianco 6x40 porcelain tile or Geneva Bianco 6x36 porcelain tile.

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Floor-Wall Tile Combinations

We came across a beautiful example of floor-wall tile combination in the bathroom below. What caught our eye was the interesting use of mosaic to frame four tiles into a large format square. Notice how the floor tile extends into the shower and onto the walls; notice, too, the mosaic band.

To create this look, try Augusta Beige 18x18 matte porcelain tile, Augusta Beige matte 10x16 and the Augusta Beige 2x2 mosaic.

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Focal Wall Tile Inspiration: Brick Look, Ledger Stone Walls

The beauty of tile is that it can be used in so many different ways to transform a space. In the examples below, look at how these strong visual and textural tile products are used to create focal walls.

The Brick Look for Walls (and Floors, too)

To create this indoor brick focal wall, try London Multi Color 2x10 Porcelain Tile (which you could also use on the floor).

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Ledger Stone Focal Walls for Outdoors and Inside!

Ledger stone is a natural for outdoor areas as you can see in the two images below.

For the exterior split face trim look you see in the two images above, consider using the Light Travertine Splitface 6x24 Ledger panel.

And, as beautiful as the split face trim looks outdoors, imagine using using it indoors as a focal design element.

To create this look, use Arctic White Ledger Panel 6x24, Cascade White Travertine 2x4 Unfilled SplitFace Mosaic or White Limestone 10mm Splitface Panel 6x18.

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Comments, questions, reactions? Did you attend the Parade of Homes? What did you enjoy most? Let us know if you have any questions about creating these looks in your home.

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