How and Why Tile Outlets Appreciates Tile Contractors!

How and Why Tile Outlets Appreciates Tile Contractors!

Posted by TOA's Blog Team on Feb 2nd 2017

Could you imagine how impossible it would be to make tile dreams become reality without talented tile contractors to take care of installation?

When you're in the business of selling porcelain and ceramic tile and stone, mosaics and more to home owners looking to transform that dream into reality, you quickly realize that there's a critical step needed to complete the dream: professional tile contractors to install the product.

At Tile Outlets of America, We are Grateful for Tile Contractors!

For that reason, we consider it important to show our appreciation for the tile contractors who do business with Tile Outlets of America. They truly help the notion of "where dreams become reality... for a whole lot less" come alive for those homeowners.

We celebrate our partnership with our Trade Pros every January.

Tile Outlets' Trade Pro Appreciation Event

The Trade Pro Appreciation Event takes place close to each Tile Outlets store location so we can spend time and speak with the builders, contractors and installers who interact with that store. After all, each community has its own dynamics and it's a pleasure to be part of each one.

We originally held the events inside the store. As the events have grown, we've had to move them to off-site venues such as the Crowne Plaza in Fort Myers, the Hollywood Venue Banquet Hall in Tampa and the Misty Creek Country Club and Golf Course in Sarasota. These larger facilities allow us to welcome larger numbers of trade pro customers.

And these appreciation events have new meaning now that Tile Outlets of America has become employee-owned!

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Don Aronin speaking to Tile Contractors in Fort Myers in 2017

Some History On the Tile Outlets of America Contractor Appreciation Event

The Contractor Appreciation Event has been taking place since 2007 when we had our first one in Fort Myers. 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of the event.

Why? So we could let our trade professionals know how much we appreciate them and get to better understand what's important to them.

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These events are social. They are about enjoying company, showing appreciation and having fun sharing food, refreshments and great give-aways donated by Tile Outlets and its many wonderful suppliers.

At each event, you'll find the Tile Outlets of America management team and staff actively listening and interacting in order to determine how to make doing business with Tile Outlets better for trade professionals. That includes Gary Tuhro, Trade Pro Manager in Sarasota, and Keke Santiago, Customer Relations Specialist for Tampa and Fort Myers, who focus on Trade Pros on a day-to-day basis.


Don Aronin speaking to Trade Pros in Fort Myers in 2015

Who else participates in showing appreciation for Tile Outlets' Trade Pros?

We also invite our tile installation supplier partners so they can listen in and learn from the conversations that take place during the Contractor Appreciation Events as you can see in the images below.


MSI, USG and Quikrete at the Tampa Tile Outlets Trade Pro Appreciation Event


Kertiles, Merkrete, Euroker, MSI and Linear Drains at the Fort Myers Trade Pro Appreciation Event

As in past years, both the Fort Myers and the Tampa stores included a display at the Trade Pro Appreciation Event for kitchen and bath cabinetry so Michelle Slobodzian and Kendra Weaver in Fort Myers could answer questions about the cabinetry program.

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Michelle Slobodzian showing off kitchen and bath cabinetry available at Tile Outlets of America in Fort Myers and Tampa

Thank you, Tile Contractors!


Celebrating Trade Pros in Sarasota, Florida

At Tile Outlets of America, we are committed to providing excellent service to the tile installation trade field and to the community that each store belongs to.

Every year, we walk away from these Trade Pro Appreciation Events humbled and energized by the confidence that tile contractors, installers, and builders have in Tile Outlets of America. We look forward to the coming year and welcome ideas and suggestions that come up along the way!

For more information about participating in the contractor program at Tile Outlets, visit tile installation professionals services on the website. Be sure, too, to visit each store to learn more. You'll discover that the Tampa store has reset its store layout to be more efficient and that Fort Myers has updated the mosaics display and layout, not to mention established a dedicated Trade Pro Service Desk.

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We look forward to working with you.

Note: this article was originally published on 2/5/15 and has been updated.