What Being Proudly Employee-Owned Means At Tile Outlets of America

What Being Proudly Employee-Owned Means At Tile Outlets of America

Posted by TOA's Blog Team on Jan 12th 2017

Did you know that Tile Outlets of America, with stores in Fort Myers, Sarasota and Tampa, is now proudly employee-owned?

When you next visit Tile Outlets, you'll be meeting and interacting with the many proud owners of the store who believe strongly in helping you transform your house into your dream home and achieving this dream for less.

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To give you a sense of what being proudly employee-owned means to the people who make the store happen - from sales associates, pullers, cashiers, managers, those you may meet and those behind the scenes - we caught up with a few to ask them:

  • How long they have been with Tile Outlets of America?
  • What does it mean to be an owner of Tile Outlets?
  • What are they doing differently as an owner?

Proudly Employee Owned Means...

What Proud Fort Myers Employee Owners Say


Proud Fort Myers owner-associates: Anna Robinson, Ray Hampton, Michelle Slobodzian, Greg Didio

Tile Outlets of America opened in Fort Myers in 2002. When you visit, you will see first-hand the tile design inspiration described in these three articles:

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Here's what the proud owner-associates at the Fort Myers Tile Outlets store have to say.

Ray Hampton - Fort Myers Receiving Manager

It will be 11 years on January 20th, 2017.

It's a dream come true.

The way I receive merchandise has changed. I come up with other alternatives to get it checked in in a timely fashion. I'm making sure any breakage or what not is marked down, and any Habitat for Humanity merchandise getting donated is also logged properly so that way we don't create shrinkage when we don't need to have any.

Michelle Slobodzian - Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Designer

3 years

Financial security in the future as far as retirement knowing that I'll have that. It also gives me pride to be part of a company that is generous enough to do that for their employees.

I'm continuing to give great customer service.

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Greg Didio - Assistant Manager

2 years

I think it's great to have the opportunity to take pride in our company, and have the potential of earning as a result.

I am operating in a much more diligent fashion, specifically to the small things as far as cost to the company, because it will essentially affect myself as well.

Stephanie Hyyti - Sales Representative

2 years

It's a very proud moment when you become an owner. It's future money in your pocket or nest egg. Also it's about taking pride in the company and making sure that customer service is at its best. I think that's one of the most important things for all employees of Tile Outlets so we can achieve all of our goals. The appearance of the store is as important as customer service and needs to be in excellent shape at all times.

What I do differently is give excellent 110% customer service. I love people. I like to make them happy.

Anna Robinson - Customer Service Representative

2 years

We all have a vested interest in the company.

Personally I don't think I'm doing anything extremely different but I do notice that when I'm walking the store, I find myself doing maintenance more (picking up any debris, fixing signs, etc). I'm going to continue to put in 100% each and every day.

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What Proud Tampa Employee Owners Say


Proud Tampa employee-owners Rickey Williams and Keke Santiago

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Here's what the proud owner-associates at the Tampa Tile Outlets store have to say.

Ash Santiago - Order Puller

Two years

As an owner, I make sure that the store is clean and presentable for customers and that customers are taken care of better.

I'm leading by example more and keeping the other pullers focused on the entire store.

Frank Reese - Tampa Receiving Manager

14 years

It's a great opportunity as an associate to improve the company.

I'm trying to do things more efficiently and be more aware of possible shrinkage.

Jacolby Cooper - Order Puller

1.5 years

It's a great opportunity and a great thing that the company has done.

I'm paying attention to detail more. I'm trying to make the store better, cleaner and making sure that customers are being helped.

Jason Murias - Sales Associate

3 years

It's a great opportunity and it should help develop a better culture.

I'm observing associates who aren’t as dedicated and helping to train and coach them on the Tile Outlets of America philosophy.

Keke Santiago - Trade Pro Customer Relations Specialist

2 years

It means a big responsibility to enhance what the company has become to make it better.

I'm trying to make sure all associates understand the importance of providing the best customer experience possible.

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Rickey Williams - Co-Store Manager

2.5 years

It means more responsibility to ensure not only the store but the company is successful.

I'm looking at the big picture, not just the store level. I'm trying to spend more time evaluating, training, and coaching associates to enhance their knowledge or understanding of not only their job duties but also the company's direction.

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What Proud Sarasota Employee Owners Say


Proud Sarasota employee-owners: Noah Dolnick, Donna Kern, Gary Tuhro, Bob Stangs

The Sarasota Tile Outlets of America store opened in January 2014. There, too, you will have the opportunity to see the design inspiration described in these articles firsthand:

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Here's what the proud owner-associates at the Sarasota Tile Outlets store have to say.

Gary Tuhro - Pro Services Relationship Manager

I've been with TOA over 7 years.

As an owner, it allows me to see a much "bigger picture" for the remainder of my working years. No longer do I see working at Tile Outlets of America as just a job to provide for my family, but also an investment.

To be honest, I am not doing anything differently. I always try to treat all our customers with kindness and respect. I simply try to do my best for Tile Outlets each day because I want our company to be thought of as an exceptional place for our customers to shop for their tile needs.

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Luis Campos - Sales Associate

2 years

It's a great opportunity to be part owner of a company that excels in customer service.

I am working harder at closing sales and becoming more customer service oriented.

Noah Dolnick - Order Puller

3 years

I now have a vested interest in the long term success of the company.

I'm being more careful when ordering materials and attempting to make what we do have go further.

Donna Kern - Sales Associate

I am one of the original sales associates of Tile Outlets of Sarasota, when we first opened the store. It's been 3 years.

I have a vested interest in making Tile Outlets successful and giving our customers the best service possible.

I feel I always give 110% of myself when it comes to helping my customers. I want them to leave with a sense that I care about them and their project. I feel I give the same service no matter what. I don't feel I would do anything differently. I just want to see the company grow.

Manny Rangel - Sales Associate

Almost 2 years

It means that the company is trying to get people to feel that this is not just a job but a possible career. Ownership and better benefits help others feel secure and welcomed.

I'm making sure to sell enough product and that people feel more welcome so that we continue to grow and prosper. Also I'm keeping the place looking nice as if it were my store.

Johnathan Guckert - Order Puller

9 months

It means I now have a vested interest in helping Tile Outlets of America succeed in the future.

I'm sweeping floors regularly and trying to strap pallets that I think need it for safety. I ask customers if I can be of any help. I'm also helping other employees whenever I can.

Paula Gonzalez - Cashier

Almost 2 years

It shows me that the owner truly does care about his employees because becoming an owner helps out your financial security in the future.

I'm cleaning the front counters more often, making price tags extra neat and making sure that our customers leave Tile Outlets happy with the service they received.

Bob Stangs - Assistant Store Manager

I had my 3rd anniversary on December 9, 2016.

I now have a vested interest in the store that I have spent the last 3 years helping to build and make us what we are today.

I wouldn't say becoming an owner has changed my mindset or the way I approach a daily task. Throughout my working career, I have always worked my hardest either as an employee or owner of my own company. What I will say is that I have seen a much more positive attitude between the associates as we all now work harder to reap the benefits of our efforts.

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Tile Outlets of America's Proud Owner-Associates Welcome You!

These are the words of just some of Tile Outlets of America's employee-owners who welcome you to shop our store for your tile needs. They are committed to ensuring that you have the best possible experience shopping for tile while they help your dreams become reality.

If you haven't already, we invite you to read and watch What To Expect When You Shop Tile Outlets of America.

And, then, come visit the stores and meet the owners!